5 Weight Loss Tips That Are Also Good for Your Teeth

5 Weight Loss Tips That Are Also Good for Your Teeth

Weight loss is key to maintaining health. You can either be healthy or overweight, and the choice is yours to make. But, don’t forget the risks associated with being obese. It’s thus better to lose a few pounds and regain the ideal shape to the body and feel lithe and supple all over again. To lose weight, you just have to be a bit careful with your foods, get some exercise and change your lifestyle to some extent. In fact, some of these very steps are also taken to maintain dental health. You can thus see how the route you take to lose weight can actually be good for your teeth as well.

Here are some of weight loss tips that can also help improve dental health –

#1 Choose a right diet

If you don’t eat right, it could make you plump. Indulging too much in fatty foods or snacking on unhealthy items or gorging on sugar-filled things can harm you no end. These items are neither good for the body nor teeth, so stop consuming them. Rather, switch to a diet of fruits, vegetables, grains, protein and dairy to manage weight and keep your teeth healthy.

Such items are generally high in water and fiber, can balance the sugar, help clean your teeth and prevent weight gain. Dairy products are rich in calcium and hence, they are good for healthy teeth and gums.

#2 Stay away from soda and cola

If sodas and colas are part of your regular diet, you’re surely in for weight gain. Both these beverages can make you gain over a period of time, and they are also bad for your oral health. Even consumption of alcohol does the same affect and leaves the mouth dry and this is how bacteria growth happens.

So, it’s high time you said no to sugary drinks as this can save you those harmful calories you body does not need anyway. Calories come from added sugar are harmful and the more you avoid them the better for your dental and overall health. Rather, drink more of water as it contains no calories, can keep the mouth dry and wash away plaque and bacteria to keep the teeth healthy.

#3 Avoid dessert after dinner

Your weight loss regime would get a huge boost if you were to replace the craving of dessert. You can chew gums instead and avoid grabbing a cookie or some sweet after dinner for better oral health as well. Even dentists recommend sugarless gum as it can clean the teeth and help in saliva production.

More importantly, any risk of cavities can be brought down considerably if you decide to replace dessert with sugarless gum. Clearly, this is something well within your control and you can actually maintain superior dental health with a little patience post dinner.

#4 Drink as much water as you could

Water is a magic beverage in true sense – it not only helps you maintain total healthy but also keeps your teeth clean. You can drink it as much you can to keep the saliva production up which in turn prevents dry mouth. All your favorite drinks or juices are loaded with sugar and they can make you obese and even harm your dental health.

Packages juices are rich in extra calories, and they are not only sugar-rich but also acidic in nature. All this makes them a bad items for your teeth and overall health together. Drinking more of tap water containing fluoride can actually strength your tooth enamel and help you maintain healthy teeth.

#5 Snack healthier

Snacking could end up making you overweight if you are not careful. Those fast food items, chips, crackers etc. are loaded with calories. They may taste great but are bad for your body and teeth together. It’s rather advisable to snack of something that has less calories and prevents cavity-causing bacterial growth inside the mouth.

If you want to snack healthier, your choices should be cheese, almonds, fruits, vegetables and nuts. Anything sugary or sticky can harm your body and teeth no end, so stay away from them. You can also consult a dentist that accept payment plans and know more about the subject.

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