6 Oral Health Tips for Men of All Ages

6 Oral Health Tips for Men of All Ages

Women take more care of their health as compared to the men. They are more likely to get their check- ups on time and maintain a health chart as compared to the men. Therefore, it is but obvious that men are more likely to catch up a disease that a women might not, especially dental. It is mostly a lifestyle issue but sometimes the gender also plays an important role in determining the health. For example, men are more vulnerable to problems like heart diseases and high blood pressure.

If we speak of oral health, men should be more particular and take care of their teeth.

Brush and floss

How much attention you pay to your teeth is going to determine your oral health. Men are less careful about their normal brushing routine. It is important to follow your brushing and flossing schedule. Brushing twice a day and flossing daily alone can ward off your teeth against the dangerous mouth bacteria.

Dental check ups

How frequently you visit your dentist can also define the heath of your mouth. People that regularly visit their dentist are less likely to develop periodontal disease. If you too visit your dentist regularly, then you can find out about any problems that might be surfacing in your mouth and treat them timely without it becoming serious. People who do not visit their dentist regularly do not find out about the dental issues until the infection spreads in the entire mouth making it completely necessary to get the surgery done.

Age factor

Age also is an important factor. The dental issues develop slowly over the period of the time. So you might have started following a healthy routine now, quit smoking and also gone low on your sugary intake. But if the tooth has been infected once, it can be cured after the surgery. People who do not take care of their tooth in their youth, often face serious problems as they grow older. Hence, it is very important that you start taking care of your oral healthy as early as possible and not wait for it to get serious. 


Tobacco is the leading cause of health problems among men. People that consume tobacco and smoke have most dental issues. People who smoke often suffer from various gum diseases and might even have oral cancer. Tobacco contains carcinogens that is linked directly to cancer. But they develop it over years, therefore, people find out about cancer mostly around the age of 40, but it can occur at any age. Identifying cancer at an early age is very important. If not identifies then it can be very difficult to cure it.

Medications used

As said earlier, men are more likely to suffer from heart diseases and high blood pressure. Which means they would have to take many medicines to take care of their health. These medicines can have a negative effect on their oral health. Medicines often leave the mouth dry, which effects the saliva formation in the mouth. Saliva is very good for oral health as it washes away the acid from the teeth and also keeps the bacteria away from the mouth.

Sports and energy drinks

Men take exercising and sports more seriously. Most of the men indulge in excessive exercising to stay fit and young. People who exercise a lot, get out of energy while workout. This leaves them with dry mouth, which again affects their saliva. In order to keep their energy high, they have to take a lot of sports and energy drinks. These drinks have lots of preservatives and are also high in sugar. This harms their teeth a lot. Men who exercise a lot are suggested not to take a lot of these sugary drinks.

In order to take care of their health, men should take care of their teeth even more. To assure that you do not suffer from the periodontal diseases and to stay away from all the tooth related problems, one must start taking care of their health early.

Men who pay attention to their oral health from a start are less likely to suffer from serious issues later in age. In case, the problems do become serious, and you have to get the treatment, then you must visit the dentist and get the treatments soon as possible. The dental implant cost in India is affordable and the treatment is also good, so there is nothing to be afraid of, just make sure you take precautions and visit your dentist regularly.

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