How to control high blood pressure immediately

How to control high blood pressure immediately

High blood pressure is such a problem which is spreading like air now-a-days. Every 1 out of 3 Americans is suffering from high blood pressure now and almost 1 billion people worldwide are suffering from this ever spreading disease. It is often neglected but after a point, it becomes fatal as it can cause heart strokes. If you are a high blood pressure patient, you need not do a world lot of things to control it, all you need is some measures and a few restrictions upon yourself and you will no more be plagued by high blood pressure. A lot of people straightway go for medication but that’s not the only way to go about.

There are many natural ways as to how to control high blood pressure immediately.

Exercise daily:

Exercise is the best medication for what not. Exercising makes your heart pump blood more efficiently, thus makes it stronger and hence lowers the pressure in your arteries. Walking daily up to 2 hours or running daily up to 1 hour can do wonders to your heart and can contribute immensely to control high blood pressure immediately.

 Increase potassium rich foods in diet:

Potassium rich foods help in balancing the sodium in the body and hence ease the blood pressure on your blood vessels. Foods these days have become more pro sodium than pro potassium. So increase the intake of potassium rich foods such as leafy vegetables, fruits, milk products, nuts and seeds.

Avoid alcohol:

If you are an alcoholic person then this is for you, leave alcohol as soon as possible or make its consumption as least as possible. Alcohol is responsible for creating high blood pressure problems all around the globe. Almost 16 percent of such patients suffer because of alcohol consumption.

Lower your stress:

Stress is one of the biggest reasons for high blood pressure especially in the adult age. Stress increases your heart rate and the contraction of blood vessels is higher in such situation. So adopt ways that reduce your stress like listening to music, or going for a short break or even nap.

Lose weight:

Lose at least 5 kg of your weight and your will feel the difference than your earlier state. Studies show that listing 5 percent of your weight lessens your blood pressure significantly.

Meditate and practice deep breathing:

Both the practices lessens your heart rate. Meditation gives you relaxation and helps your release your stress and calm down your blood pressure.

Increase calcium:

Intake of calcium reduces your blood pressure. For adults, 1000 mg is must and for people over 50, 1200 mg is a must. It reduces the risk of heart strokes.


Heart disease is very difficult to cure once you suffer from it. And most of the heart disease occurs from high blood pressure. All of the methods are the simplest ones to follow and to control high blood pressure immediately.

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