How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy While Losing Weight

How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy While Losing Weight

Losing weight is one of the most common resolutions that most people undertake without giving any thought to the health of their teeth. As a result of that, people purchase the gym memberships and entirely change their diet with great enthusiasm.

So, if you are in a spree to get yourself back to shape then you cannot afford to forget that your oral health is also crucial, and it has a great impact on your overall health. In your mouth there can be a bacteria-invested area that can give rise to a number of ailments like that of gum disease or other kinds of sickness.

So, while losing weight you cannot afford to ignore the other aspects of your health and the oral health remains in the danger zone and can be one of the most affected parts of the health during this time. Here are some of the tips that will help you to keep the teeth healthy when you are trying to lose weight. Just read on.

Don’t Give Away the Dairy Products – You may think of ditching cheese when you are attempting to lose weight. But you should keep it in mind that cheese happens to be beneficial for your oral heath to a great extent.

Cheese also provides calcium that is required for on-the-spot repairs of the tooth as well as tooth development and helps to make the mouth less acidic. As a result, the harmful acids decaying the teeth can be neutralized by the intake of cheese.

In fact, it is also recommended by dentists to have a small piece of cheese at the end of your meal. So, when you are aiming to lose weight, you should not get rid of cheese altogether. Instead you should opt for the reduced fat varieties. The calcium in this type of cheese helps to burn the fat in and around midriff area. So, go for the semi-skimmed or skimmed fat instead of ditching it altogether.

Keep Yourself Hydrated – Most of us have experienced an extremely dry mouth when we have gone for a run without a bottle of water. Well, this is something serious and it can have detrimental effects on your dental health, too.

It has been revealed through research that people training intensely have decreased production of saliva irrespective of whether they are consuming sports drinks or water throughout the duration of the workout.

Researchers have brought it to light that there is no direct link between oral health complications and heavy workout, but saliva helps in doing away with tooth decay. Even when you don’t realize, saliva helps to do away with food that will otherwise linger on your teeth and attract the plaque causing bacteria. Dry mouth can be alleviated by enhancing the water consumption before, during and after workout.

Moreover, water also helps to make you feel full and so your snack craving is diminished as a result of which you will lose weight.

Try to Finish the Sweet in One Go – At the time of dieting, it can be quite tempting for you to make a small packet of sweets or bar of chocolate last longer by gradually having them over a course of afternoon or evening. But consuming them slowly means that your teeth are prone to acid attacks and bathed in sugar for hours together. So, the only solution to that is that you should eat them in one go.

Wear a Mouth Guard – If your workout comes in the form of a contact sport like martial arts, football or basketball you should go for using a mouth guard to prevent the dental emergencies. The last thing that you should be concentrating on at the time of working out is to deal with a broken crown or knocked tooth.

Just like going for periodical teeth cleaning at the best deep teeth cleaning cost is recommended to ensure a clean and strong oral health, similarly abiding by the tips mentioned above is also recommended in order to uphold great oral health while you are trying to lose weight and achieve the desirable shape.

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