How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise or Diet

How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise or Diet

Today many people are overweight due to their unhealthy lifestyle. Many of us also wants to lose weight but because it is not possible for all of us to follow dieting and exercise plan so we are unable to lose weight. After reading it this will possible because you will be then aware of how to lose weight fast without exercise or diet. Yes it can be. Sticking to these ideas will not only lose your weight but also helps you to maintain a healthy body weight later. The principle of dieting and exercise or burning calories does not work for everyone body.

If you want to see better results within few days then you only need to make some changes in your lifestyle. These changes are much easier then following a specific, tasteless diet or working hard for sweat.

How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise or Diet

Less sodium

  • Decrease consumption of sodium from your diet as it leads to weight gain.
  • Avoid canned or packaged foods because they contains high amount of sodium.
  • It is a method for how to lose weight fast without exercise or diet.

Take plenty of water

  • Drink about 3 liters of water every day and avoid drinks as they contain high calories.
  • Water makes your skin more fair and glowing and also eliminates waste from your body.
  • It will also keep you hydrated.

Chew slowly

  • If you chew your food slowly then it will make you to consume less food.
  • According to a study it is also found that people who chew fast gain more weight.
  • So chew your food more times as possible.

Avoid distractions while meal

Consume protein

  • Adding proteins in your diet especially in breakfast and lunch will make you to eat less.
  • Eat lentils in your diet as they are full of nutrients.
  • Eating them in lunch will make you to eat less in dinner.

Don’t skip breakfast or lunch

  • People who are trying to lose weight will mostly skip their meals but don’t do this.
  • Skipping your meal will make you hungrier and you will be eating your whole day which leads to more weight.

Eat in small plates

  • According to studies it is found that when people use large sized plate for meals they eat more.
  • Use small plates so you consume less amount of food.

Try with friends

  • Sometimes losing weight can be difficult and boring without friends.
  • Try to involve your friends with you which also make you motivated and losing weight easier for you.


  • Take few almonds as they have monounsaturated fats.
  • Avoid salted almonds due to excess sodium.

Above we explained you the easiest ways for losing weight without help of any diet or exercise.

CONCLUSION: It is not possible for everyone to lose weight by following diet or doing hard exercises so here are some easy ways to lose weight fast.

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