Top 5 Tips for Protecting Your Dental Health While Losing Weight

Top 5 Tips for Protecting Your Dental Health While Losing Weight

Shaping up your waistline or losing the extra kgs is one of the most common resolutions that most people think of every year. Being overweight makes way for multiple health issues and it is recommended by most doctors to get back in shape for leading a healthier life.

The dedication and determination of losing weight, hence, should be applauded. But if you are thinking of losing the extra pounds you should keep a close eye on your oral health as well.

So now eating less and moving more can bring a change to your life that can affect your overall health to a great extent.  This can make you feel a bit different physically, emotionally and mentally. These lifestyle changes can alter every aspect of your health and your dental health is not an exception to that.

So apart from making regular visits to the nearest dentist you should also follow the tips mentioned below to protect your oral health. Just read on.

Be Careful of Sugary Protein Bars and Sports Drinks

It can e quite tempting to load up on the protein bars, sports drinks or other sugary chews in order to refuel yourself when you are losing weight. Through them you can get a quick boost of energy, but they can pose threats to your oral health. So, consume them in moderation and always consume water alongside to prevent that sugar from sticking to the teeth. You can also switch your post-workout lunch to banana and peanuts that are filling and can offer you protein and sugar.

Try Sugarless Gums to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

When you are trying to lose weight the sugarless gums can turn out to be an ideal sweet treat. It offers the sweetness without the calories of the sugary dishes. Moreover, the sugarless gums can prevent the plaque that remain stuck to the teeth. Some of them also contain casein phosphor-peptide-amorphous calcium phosphate that strengthens the tooth enamel and keeps at bay tooth decay. You do not have to chew a lot of gums for reaping the benefits. Chewing just a piece can help. Make sure you brush, floss and use mouthwash on a regular basis to maintain your oral hygiene.

Wear a Mouthguard

If you are into contact sports for exercising like that of basketball, football or martial arts you should consider wearing a mouthguard for preventing dental emergencies. The last thing you want after working out happens to be a broken or a knocked tooth. So, go for custom-made mouthguards that fit perfectly and protect the teeth from being knocked down.

Go for the Plant Based Diets

You should eat more fruits like apples and cranberries and leafy and crunchy vegetables like peppers, celery, cauliflowers and carrots. The crunchy fruits help to scrape away the plaque and other food particles from the teeth while the leafy greens are low in calories and filled with vitamins and minerals. They act as natural toothbrush. By consuming these foods, you can be a part of a very healthy diet that is beneficial for you to lose the extra kilos and they can also wonders for your oral health. So, keep it in mind that half of your plate should be vegetables and fruits and that happens to be good rule of thumb when you want to lose weight and at the same time want to take care of your oral health.

Get Ample Sleep

Sleep is not only important for your weight loss but it has also proven to be quite beneficial for your overall health. If you do not get ample amount of sleep, then it can also put you at an enhanced risk of gum disease. Your sleep influences your oral health to a great extent and the opposite is also true. If you have toothache or other oral problem, you can hardly sleep, and this can affect your health and your weight loss regime, too.

The above are some of the tips for protecting your oral health when you are trying to lose weight. Apart from the above, you should also never miss your dentist appointment to prevent any risk to your oral health when you are trying to regain your shape and drive away the extra fat from your system.

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