Understand the Lycopodium Homeopathic Remedy Side Effects

Understand the Lycopodium Homeopathic Remedy Side Effects

Lycopodium is an evergreen plant which belongs from a Lycopodiaceae family. Lycopodium is considered to be an important homeopathic remedy to treat various harmful diseases. Lycopodium is generally considered to be a good medicine both for the acute and chronic disorders that involves hepatitis, poor eye conditions, throats and digestive disorders etc. This article mainly concentrates on the lycopodium homeopathic remedy side effects and its uses. 

Lycopodium homeopathic medicine uses
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Lycopodium acts as a useful remedy that effectively acts on the blood vessels, joints and bones, soft tissues, heart and liver.  The Lycopodium homeopathic medicine uses proves to be very much helpful for the treatment of fevers, back pain, mumps, constipation, gas, gout, and also for treating the mouth ulcers. There are numerous benefits of using Lycopodium as a homeopathic remedy. This homeopathic remedy acts as a useful measure for treating the various diseases that involves treatment of bedwetting, helpful remedy to recover a patient from food poisoning, colds, cystitis etc. This homeopathic remedy is highly recommended to cure the muscle cramps, for improving the skin conditions and also for treating the joint pain which is one of the most common problems being faced by the people.

It acts a great remedy for healing the digestive disorders, liver problems as well as for treating the gallbladder problems. Lycopodium 200 dosage is suitable for erectile dysfunction as well. It acts as a great remedy to improve the health condition of a man by restoring the power of old masculine. Erectile dysfunction can become a serious problem for a male body that will make him incapable to maintain the erection while going through a asexual intercourse.  Therefore homeopathy remedies provide solution for treating erectile dysfunction and one of the best remedy is lycopodium. 

Lycopodium homeopathic remedy for hair is one of the most useful solutions to deal with all sorts of hair and sculpt problems. It also helps in preventing a person from huge hair fall and hair damage. People mostly wonder how much time homeopathy takes to cure hair loss. To cure the hair loss problems homeopathy medicines usually takes 15- 20 days of time to show the results. However, homeopathy remedy is considered to be the most effective treatment to prevent not only from the hair loss problems but also from the other diseases. Apart from its positive aspects, Lycopodium also contains various side effects.

Therefore the lycopodium homeopathic remedy side effects are mentioned below- 

Too much consumption of Lycopodium leads to the rise of various common problems that includes belching, coughing, hepatitis, vomiting, constipation, various digestive disorders, nausea as well as diarrhea. All these problems may arise if one takes over dosage of Lycopodium. 

  • High dosage of Lycopodium may cause feeling of insecurity, absence of self-confidence, inferiority complex. It also influences a person to act bossy, developing a sort of dominating behavior. It may also show a symptom that causes a sense of fear to speak in public. 
  • Another side effect of Lycopodium is that while taking that medicine one may feel certain changes in his or her foot like one foot may become cold and other one as hot. 
  • While taking this homeopathic remedy, some people also have stated that they have experienced itching and redness around the mouth, swelling problems, and some sorts of allergies too. 
  • The various lycopodium homeopathic remedy side effects are seen mostly between 4pm and 8 pm. Several harmful effects can also be seen during the night time. 
  • In case any patient suffering from lycopodium misses their one time meal, he or she might go through severe headache which stops only when the patient takes his complete meal. 


Lycopodium is however considered to be one of the most well known homeopathic remedy which is widely used to address the problem of erectile dysfunction. Lycopodium can also prove to be a helpful remedy to overcome from the problem of erectile dysfunction which mostly results due to regular masturbation. However it is also important to note that the patients of Lycopodium are mostly worried about what other people think of them. Such patients tends to live in a constant fear of death and darkness, fear of being into crowd or facing any sort of new or unseen situations. 

Furthermore, if a patient do not find any sign of improvements after a certain period of time, he or she must consult a homeopath practitioner immediately.

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